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Food Addiction Treatment

As a doctor, you can provide food addiction treatment for your patients that will help them reach their ultimate weight loss goals using the UnCraveRX program. Our app is unlike anything else available, providing patients with real-time tools they can use to stay connected with nutritional coaches, wellness specialists, and other patients who are working toward long-term health. The UnCraveRX app offers all of the following:

  • Live, personalized coaching
  • Group and individual support
  • Our signature food library
  • Hydration tracking
  • Unlimited private IMs for expert advice
  • Live & virtual classes and plans
  • And much more

Is Food Addiction Real?

An addiction to food is every bit as real as an addiction to alcohol or drugs; however, since it’s an addiction that does not change behavior in the way that an addiction to alcohol or substance does, it’s not always easy to identify a food addiction or provide food addiction treatment unless a patient notifies your staff that they’re dealing with a dependence. While it’s sometimes challenging to uncover an addiction to food, it’s easier than ever to prescribe the right treatment for your patients. UnCraveRx combined with your preferred method of weight loss becomes a powerful tool that leads to consistent results.

Is There a Medication for Food Addiction?

There are many treatments available to patients battling food addictions; however, drugs are only so effective alone. Medications increase in effectiveness when they’re supported by a program that puts more control in the hands of patients. UnCraveRx offers real help at the precise moments when patients are likely to slip-up by eating restricted foods or make poor food choices. You’ll find a wealth of information as you continue to browse our website. Feel free to reach out to an UnCraveRx specialist for details about joining our provider team. See our event calendar for an upcoming training event.

What is the Best Food Addiction Treatment?

At UnCraveRx, we believe the most effective treatment is a doctor-prescribed medication, weight loss implant, or prescribed surgery, coupled with our program for the best outcome. Patients will experience greater weight loss when they have access to our app. Training for your staff is available and is highly recommended; just click the ‘Training’ link on our site for additional info or send communication through our online contact form.

Real Help for Food Addiction

Daily feeds from the UnCraveRx app offer patients tips on how to stay on track for permanent weight loss, as well as helpful input on how to beat sugar cravings and prevent dehydration while losing weight. Your staff will have the confidence that comes from being able to provide effective solutions to patients currently struggling with weight loss or keeping weight off on a long-term basis. Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in the UnCraveRx revolution that is changing the way patients across the globe are enjoying a better quality of life by sticking to their doctors’ prescribed method of weight loss- with the help of our app.

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A better way to natural health

A combination of five nutrient-dense organ meats from 100% grass-fed New Zealand sheep.

Organ Meat Supplement

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Noticeable Improvement


I suffer with persistent eczema, low energy, low mood and general brain fog. Following the all clear from the doctor it was suggested that I review my nutrition. I've eaten a vegetarian diet for 20 years and, naively, I'd always assumed that I had decent nutritional intake. After doing a bit of research I came across the latest information regarding the benefit of organ meats. I saw this product recommended and gave it a go. Results are surprising and quick. My energy levels, mood and brain fog are 100% improved within 2 weeks of starting on these capsules... I am really impressed with the visible improvement in my skin.

Bex, UK

Great Organ Meat Supplement


I started feeling a lack of energy in my everyday life and didn't want this to become standard. I knew there was a gap in my diet, mostly where I lacked in iron. I have recently heard the buzz about organ meats but didn't realise the benefits they provided to overall health until I came across Xtend-Life's Organ Ultra. After a week or so of taking the supplements, I have noticed a difference in energy and mental clarity. Problem solved thanks to Xtend-Life.

Courtney, New Zealand