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Best Alkaline Bottled Water

Best Alkaline Bottled Water

We all know the importance of drinking water regularly. One way to boost your natural immunity and improve your body’s function is by increasing the alkalinity level in your system. You can increase your body’s alkalinity by drinking water that has a high pH. At Northern Chill, we sell the best alkaline bottled water available. We call it “America’s Water” because it is a natural product that comes from pristine aquifers in Northern Wisconsin.

  • Northern Chill water tastes delicious. You will enjoy the fresh, natural taste of the best alkaline bottled water on the market. We don’t add any substances or make any alterations to the water. We provide it just as nature does. You will love the delicious, fresh taste.
  • High alkaline water is healthy. Many doctors agree that when you raise your alkaline level in your body, you can more effectively fight diseases. You can improve your body’s pH with the best alkaline bottled water on the planet. High alkaline water is the ideal way to help your body reduce the incidence of illnesses.
  • Not all alkaline bottled water brands are the same. At Northern Chill, we don’t create alkaline water using artificial methods. Instead, we use fresh, authentic alkaline water from Northern Wisconsin. You don’t need to drink chemicals to get the best alkaline bottled water. When you want the freshest and cleanest tasting mineral water, choose Northern Chill.
  • Our alkaline water has a 7.8 pH level. This makes it one of the best alkaline waters to drink. The water is pure and pristine with a clean and satiny taste that will keep you coming back for more time and again.
  • Northern Chill contains natural electrolytes to keep you properly hydrated. When you drink Northern Chill, you will not only be quenching your thirst but also providing your cells with the necessary electrolytes they require to perform optimally. This is the best water to drink after you exercise because it replaces any electrolytes you lost in the process.
  • Our alkaline water is a tasty and affordable alternative to some of the other brands on the market. We take pride in providing you with locally-sourced high-alkaline mineral water that is not only delicious but also a healthy alternative to other beverages and types of water.
  • Northern Chill water bottles are completely recyclable. We make our bottles from PET, and they are BPA-free. The bottles are heavyweight, so they are firm, and we include a waterproof label. You can recycle all parts of the packaging.

When you are looking for great-tasting, high-alkaline, natural mineral water, look no further than Northern Chill. We think you will love the taste and the quality of water that we provide straight from nature with no additives. Our water is authentic and pure, not merely filtered water with added substances. We think Northern Chill is the best alkaline bottled water on the market.  Learn more about our superb natural alkaline water online. You can buy our bottled water online at or contact us for inquiries: (715) 602-6317.

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I suffer with persistent eczema, low energy, low mood and general brain fog. Following the all clear from the doctor it was suggested that I review my nutrition. I've eaten a vegetarian diet for 20 years and, naively, I'd always assumed that I had decent nutritional intake. After doing a bit of research I came across the latest information regarding the benefit of organ meats. I saw this product recommended and gave it a go. Results are surprising and quick. My energy levels, mood and brain fog are 100% improved within 2 weeks of starting on these capsules... I am really impressed with the visible improvement in my skin.

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Great Organ Meat Supplement


I started feeling a lack of energy in my everyday life and didn't want this to become standard. I knew there was a gap in my diet, mostly where I lacked in iron. I have recently heard the buzz about organ meats but didn't realise the benefits they provided to overall health until I came across Xtend-Life's Organ Ultra. After a week or so of taking the supplements, I have noticed a difference in energy and mental clarity. Problem solved thanks to Xtend-Life.

Courtney, New Zealand